QPLUS 20Amp Tamper & Water Resistant GFCI Receptacle Outlet with LED Indicator 2500W - UL Listed (Wall Plates & Screws Included)

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  • A GFCI receptacle is different from conventional receptacles. In the event of a ground fault or an unintended electrical path to ground such as a shot circuit or through a person, a GFCI will trip within a fraction of a second and stop the flow of electricity to prevent serious injury. QPLUS GFCI is tamper resistant, weather resistant, 20A/125V/2500W with LED indicator, includes standard wall plate and screws. Back and side wired for easy installation; cannot be reset if miswired. End-of-Life monitor: GFCI outlet includes an end-of-life monitoring function. It cannot be reset correctly when GFCI reaches the end of life. Load Side: The GFCI can protect other receptacles/outlets in the circuit. Self-Test: QPLUS GFCI performs a self test every 40 seconds. The red light will blink once every 40 seconds to ensure the GFCI is working continuously. If indicator shows red light continously ON, it means that GFCI receptacle is incapable of passing its internal test function (ie, it can no longer provide ground fault protection). In other words, Green light indicator shows that the device is working properly with red light showing up once in every 40 seconds for self testing. Installation: Please refer to installation image for details about wiring.

    1. GFCI Outlet 20Amp / 125V / 2500W with LED indicator from QPLUS provides continuous protection for ground fault - detects and trips on actual ground fault.
    2. LED indicator: GREEN light will ON when the GFCI is functioning (Protected or Tripped).
    3. Tamper-resistant: Shutters in the AC outlets prevent accidental insertion of foreign objects.
    4. Easy installation: Back and side wiring. Decor wall plate and screws included. Comes with end-of-life monitoring function..
  • Style GFCI 20 Amp
    Voltage 125V
    Certified Yes, UL Certified
    Tamper Resistant  Yes
    Water Resistant  Yes
    Safe for Damp Location Yes
    Finish White
    Included Components Wall Plates & Screws
    Warranty  Yes
    Installation  Easy